Financial Advisors

Being so intimately involved in managing and protecting your client’s wealth, you often counsel your clients through different stages in their life. Many clients will need an integration of legal advice and financial advice.

The way we work with you to solve your clients’ problems is customised for each engagement. In some cases, it makes sense for us to take the lead role in the matter. In others, we stay in the background, assisting where required, but leaving you to drive it. The choice is yours and your clients’.

Financial advisors value being able to pick up the phone and discuss their clients’ issues with us. And because we don’t charge by time, they know the clock isn’t ticking.

Here are some ways we work with financial advisors:

Preparing your client’s estate plan

We draw upon our deep expertise and experience in not only estate planning but also tax, trusts, asset protection, business succession and charitable giving, to realise your client’s vision for securing and ultimately distributing their assets. Your client’s estate plan is much more than a Will.


We advise on the tax (including superannuation) consequences that flow from the financial strategies you recommend.

Advising on charitable endeavours

If your client is involved with a charity or would like to establish their own charitable foundation, we can help. Our significant experience dealing with charities, combined with our tax expertise, makes us ideally placed to advise your client on the most appropriate structure and on maximising the tax concessions available to them.

Probate and estate administration

We have the expertise to support your client in administering an estate of a loved one.  


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