State Taxes

We have extensive experience in stamp duty (transfer duty and landholder duty), land tax and payroll tax in all Australia States and Territories.

Stamp duty (transfer duty and landholder duty)

​Our deep duty expertise coupled with our expertise across all taxes gives us the advantage of being in the position to balance often-competing duty and income tax outcomes.

We can help with:

Land Tax

We have had considerable success obtaining land tax exemptions and concessions, which alleviates the onerous cashflow impact of land tax for our clients.

We can help with:

  • Reviewing the validity and accuracy of land tax assessments
  • Managing land tax investigations, objections and disputes with revenue offices
  • Restructuring to meet exemption requirements
  • Applying for exemptions and concessions.

Payroll Tax​

We are specialists in advising on how the Payroll Tax Assessment Act applies and resolving disputes with state revenue offices. With ever increasing data-matching capabilities and consequential audit activities, we are well placed to assist clients to manage their exposure.

We can help with:

  • Determining whether payments are ‘wages’
  • Characterising workers as employees or contractors
  • Managing how the grouping provisions apply to your business structure
  • Applying for de-grouping of entities
  • Applying for payroll tax exemptions
  • Managing payroll tax investigations, objections and disputes with state revenue offices

Our state taxes team