What to expect

Get In Touch

We love to chat about tax! Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We can meet either in person or using video conferencing.

We may ask you to provide us with some background information before the initial meeting so that we can be properly prepared.

Initial Meeting

We meet, listen to your story and ask lots of questions. Most importantly, we learn what your objectives are and discuss how we can assist to get you there.

Identify Value

We are straight shooters. You will receive a frank assessment of your position based upon our considerable experience. We’ll tell you where the opportunities are and where we can assist, but also identify the risks.

Even if you choose not to proceed you would have already learned a lot through this process.

The Proposal

Having taken the time up-front to understand your objectives and to identify where we can assist, we provide you with a comprehensive proposal which usually contains multiple options on how we can work with you. You then decide the approach and price that best meets your objectives. See more about our pricing approach here.

If your matter is particularly large or complex, your matter may be broken down into stages, which may include an initial scoping phase.


Would you value a real-time bird’s-eye view of how Birchstone approaches your matter? We use project management software to run our files and upon request, can provide you with access. You will gain complete visibility over the tasks and timeframes allocated to your matter.

Ongoing Relationship

So you liked that experience? Let’s do it again! Talk to us about our subscriptions options so we continue to work with you.